About us

My grandfather first started a jewelry business on the small island of Trinidad and Tobago. Now as the second generation, I have decided to start my own business utilizing years of experience to build, create and design jewelry of the highest quality and style. Imagine choosing your own diamond or setting on the ring that will last a lifetime, or creating a piece that will accentuate your personality or style. Our business is simple, customers get to shop from the comfort of their home on our website which allows them to choose on of our products or change it to suit their style. When they have made their selection they request a quote and we get back in touch with them in order to offer more details about the product as well as give expert advice and recommendations. When they are happy with the item we accept payment thru check or thru PayPal. Once that payment is received we send you an invoice and in a week, your item is delivered to your door. We strive for excellence and have made pricing even simpler with all tax, fees, and shipping broken down in real time with any change you make so you are never over budget. Request a quote today and be part of our family.